SMS group received an order from China’s Jiangsu Pacific Precision Forging Company for a fully automatic closed-die forging press. The 31.5 MN eccentric press will enable Pacific Precision to forge aluminum chassis components on a larger scale. SMS group will deliver the press and the tools, which are specially designed for aluminum forging. Pacific Precision Forging, a worldwide supplier of precision gears and gear shafts, has been mainly focusing on steel forging. This investment in aluminum forging provides Pacific Precision with access to the automotive market segment for more lightweight designs. Commissioning of the press is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

The MP 3150 closed-die forging press is equipped with a fully automatic walking-beam system and spraying technology for cooling and lubrication. A harmonious motion sequence of the automatic walking beam is ensured by servo-electric drives for each axis of movement. Sensors permanently monitor the ram position and ensure fully synchronized, trouble-free operation. The low-maintenance electrohydraulic clutch-brake system ensures precise switching.