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    Striking a Hammer Blow for Metals Recycling

    Footprint Tools, a manufacturer of traditional hand tools in the United Kingdom, is at the heart of a research project that could see Sheffield spark a recycling revolution in industrial forging that unlocks a step-change in the manufacture of safety-critical components for the aerospace, defense and energy industries using machining waste and linear hammer technology.
  • forged-rolled bar is 100% tested by phased-array ultrasonic equipment

    Forged-Rolled Steel Bar Offers Best of Both Worlds

    Ovako AB is completing a multimillion-dollar investment at two mills (Hofors and Hällefors) in Sweden to produce forged-rolled black bar. The company’s production and R&D teams have implemented a new forged-rolled process. In a multi-pass forging step they consolidate the porosity out of cast ingots down to an intermediate dimension. The resulting billet is then hot-rolled down to the final required dimension. This produces black bar with an accurate shape and good surface finish.

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