Wepuko Pahnke USA has held many different names over many years of operation, but one thing has remained constant: unwavering dedication to providing the forging industry with reliable oil and water hydraulic press systems. From spare O-rings to custom turnkey solutions, open- and closed-die forging production is supported throughout the equipment life. This support extends into our custom-engineered high-pressure valving and manifold solutions and Wepuko pumps – plunger pumps, radial-variable-displacement pumps, and radial-fixed-displacement pumps that can be inspected and repaired at the USA facility.

Whether commissioning, refurbishing or assisting in an emergency, our decades of knowledge and on-site experience ensure a quick solution to most issues. This history has allowed future growth through additional system monitoring capabilities, including preventive maintenance, vibration analysis and catastrophic pump failure avoidance.

Please contact Wepuko for any hydraulics questions. Remember, we perform under high pressure.

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