The Swiss Steel Group is a leading producer and processor of special steel long products in the following three materials groups: engineering steel; tool steel; and stainless, acid and heat-resistant steel. Swiss Steel USA/Canada operates seven service centers in North America, including one vacuum heat-treatment facility. Its hot-work die steels are engineered to provide higher toughness and thermal fatigue resistance for maximum tool life.

Swiss Steel USA/Canada distributes the following Thermodur® die steels in rounds and flats: 2343 (H11), 2344 (H13), 2365 (H10), 2367, 2714, 2999, XLL EFS, E 40 K Superclean, DC (H13) and DC Superior (H13 VAR). It also distributes Green Steel and Printdur® powdered metals for additive-manufacturing applications through the Swiss Steel Group’s production units.

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