Italian ring and bevel gear manufacturer Molla has been evaluating forging presses from Schuler's subsidiary Farina to produce its products for use in trucks and construction and agricultural machinery. Following successful preliminary acceptance, a 10,000-ton line will be on its way to the company’s facility in Solbiate Arno this summer. Molla currently operates a 6,000-ton press and a 1,000-ton press. The three machines form a forging cell for preforming, deburring and finish forging of rings. This cell will increase Molla’s production capacity in preparation for future market requirements. 

Farina's GLF series uses a york stroke system. The press force of the machines, which have high structural rigidity and a low press height above floor level, ranges from 750 to 10,000 tons. They also allow the use of off-center dies and reduce burr thickness in the forged parts produced.