As you’re well aware, FORGE publishes six issues a year – now digitally. And I’m sure you’ve visited our website,, on a regular basis for news and technical content. But do you know some of the other resources FORGE has to offer?


Free Webinar in December

FORGE is offering a free webinar December 16 at 2:00 p.m. (EST). “Lightweight Design with Forged Components” will present the results of the Lightweight Forging Initiative, provide ideas how to achieve mass reduction in forged components and show many examples. It will conclude with an approach for forging companies to become a proactive supplier of lightweight solutions.

This hour-long webinar, which will be available on-demand on our website until December 2021, will answer the following questions:

  • What is the Lightweight Forging Initiative, and what was its results?
  • What are the approaches to achieve lightweight design with forgings?
  • Can lightweight design be achieved with steel?
  • What is the approach for forging companies to become a proactive supplier of lightweight solutions?

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Online Buyers Guide

Every October, FORGE publishes its annual Buyers Guide. This directory contains vital information that can be used all year long. This resource is also available on our website at

You can search for an equipment supplier either alphabetically or by state. Once you find the company you’re looking for, you can read their bio, see their contact information and find out exactly what products they offer. You can also conduct your search by the type of forging equipment, services, supplies or technology you’re looking to purchase. For example, click on “Presses” or “Software,” and you’ll see a list of suppliers to choose from.



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Social Media

Did you know FORGE has a social-media presence? Become a part of our online community and connect with us via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to receive updates and to network with other industry professionals. Visit today.


Continuing Education Center

Just this year FORGE added a new online learning platform, the Thermal Processing Group Continuing Education Center. Are you looking for ways to earn professional development hours or continuing-education credits despite the travel limitations imposed by COVID-19? This resource allows you to do just that from your computer at no charge. The courses offered are specifically focused on industrial thermal processing. Visit to check it out.