Ultra Demon Mortar is an enhanced, wet, air-setting refractory mortar that exhibits the thermodynamic stability required for the protection of industrial boilers, furnaces and incinerators that operate at temperatures as high as 3000°F. Engineered for superior strength and extended workability, it is a reliable, economical solution for laying up intermediate, high-duty and super-duty fireclay bricks. This mortar is exceptionally pliable, making it easier to install by troweling or dipping and giving it a more predictable consistency over time. In fact, the workability difference over a period of 100 days is only 5%, and it is nearly 50% better than the industry standard over a 45-day period. Improved workability on the jobsite translates to less waste and better material efficiency, all of which can lead to new paths to profitability for customers and installers.