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5. New Designs in Ring Rolling

After several successful projects in the field of train-wheel manufacturing, Schuler Group is now offering complete systems for the production of seamless rings. The newly developed machinery offers innovations that are easily integrated into complete production lines.

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4. The Evolution of Clean Steels

Improvements in steel manufacturing processes have yielded advancements in the purity of steel that, in turn, yield higher-quality end-use products. Clean steel is produced by judiciously controlling parameters in melting, refining, degassing and casting operations. The demand for clean steels will continue to increase due to the global push for energy efficiency and stricter CO2 emission regulations.

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3. Furnace and Regenerative Combustion Design in Open-Die Forging

Furnace and regenerative combustion designs are used for the production of large open-die forgings such as those produced at North American Forgemasters in New Castle, Pa. Regenerative combustion systems integrated with specialized large-furnace designs offer efficiency, emissions control, temperature uniformity and economic performance.

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2. Residual Stresses: Friend or Foe?

Forging is one of the most preferred production techniques based on significant and non-homogenous plastic deformation. As a result, residual stresses that influence the structural integrity of load-bearing parts are inherently introduced to forged products. Consequently, it is very important to characterize and handle the residual-stress fields in forged products.

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1. Hybrid Heating: Induction + Gas Furnace vs. Gas Furnace + Induction

Under certain circumstances, hybrid heating using both gas and induction furnaces can be desirable and cost-effective. The issue of whether to use induction followed by gas heating or gas heating followed by induction is considered here.

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