Metric-sized metals are ideal for applications where pre-sized metric parts are needed. The following shapes can be shipped out the same day as ordered with very few exceptions: cold-finished carbon steel; alloyed and high-strength stainless steel; aluminum; copper; brass; and tool steel bars/shafting, tubing, sheets and plates, angles, channels and tees; and other specialty shapes. Among the most frequently specified metric metals for aerospace applications are 360 brass and 17-4 PH stainless steel products. The 360 brass round and hex bars are produced from a combination of copper and zinc. Exhibiting high strength and superior corrosion-resistance, 360 brass shapes are 100% machinable, although welding and cold forming are not recommended. The material is suitable for bushings, circuit-board relays, switches, nuts, bolts, pump shafts and fixtures. The 17-PH round bar stainless steel offers high strength, exceptional corrosion-resistance and good mechanical properties. Supplied in condition A (annealed) directly from the mill, these shapes are easily machined and welded for a variety of parts found on aircraft.