Siempelkamp received an order for an open-die forging press and a ring-rolling mill from Union des Forgerons. The equipment will be part of a new ring-rolling line that will be used by Union des Forgerons at its plant in Méréville, France, to expand its product line of parts made of nickel-based alloys, titanium and other aerospace alloys. The forging press is designed as a combination open-die and ring-blanking press. In addition to producing blanks for the manufacture of rings, Union des Forgerons will produce conventional open-die forgings with a weight up to 10 metric tons. Installation of the press will start in October 2016, and installation of the ring-rolling mill will take place roughly three months later. Full production is scheduled to begin in 2017.

The ring-rolling mill that processes the ring blanks from the forging press has radial and axial forces of 4,000 kN each, with a maximum ring diameter of 2,500 mm (98.5 inches). The mill rolls rings with a height up to 700 mm (27.5 inches) and weights up to 5 metric tons. Siempelkamp will supply the entire ring-rolling machine, including the hydraulic system, electrical system and rolling dies.

The line also includes furnaces and material-handling equipment.