Ellwood Group Inc. and Scot Forge are expanding the capabilities of their 50-50 joint venture, North American Forgemasters (NAF), in New Castle, Pa. NAF, which was established in 1997, recently announced an $80 million investment project to add a new open-die press facility to meet customer demand for larger forgings. Danieli Breda has been contracted to build the 10,100-ton (90-MN) press that will be serviced by a 200-ton rail-bound manipulator and a 100-ton mobile manipulator as well as three additional forging furnaces. The facility, which is adjacent to primary material supplier Ellwood Quality Steels, has been designed to process ingots up to 165 tons. The new press, which is claimed to have the greatest tonnage and largest opening in North America, is scheduled to commence production in the first quarter of 2015.