The InductoForge® modular billet heating system offers flexibility and efficiency with its individually controlled power modules. The flexible, modular design allows for more accurate control of the billet temperature. iHAZ™ 2.0 temperature profile modeling technology enables advanced temperature control of the billet heating process. iHAZ 2.0 allows you to customize a billet temperature to best suit your billet or bar heating application. It can also generate optimum running parameters and setpoints for true standby and cold start operations, which are stored as a recipe in the billet heater’s PLC. The PLC “recipe control” system works in conjunction with the iHAZ 2.0 temperature profile modeling software, easing operation and ensuring efficiency. The operator can then access stored recipes by referencing part number or die identifier. System operation parameters are also stored in the recipe, improving quality control and decreasing setup time.