ORAFOR PB from Condat is a water-based synthetic lubricant used for hot-forging operations (press, hammer and upset forgings) of ferrous and nonferrous metals. The ORAFOR PB effervescent tablet is a highly concentrated product with 100% dry extract and avoids problems with freezing. Its weight and volume are divided by three versus standard products, saving inventory space, transportation costs and minimizing handling and waste. After dissolving, the ORAFOR PB effervescent tablet is completely diluted without any added agitation. The dilution ratio is always correct, and the tablets avoid the use of dosing equipment. The product is ready for use, and it can be sprayed directly on forging dies. Operator safety is improved with less weight to handle and a convenient packaging format. Manufactured with low-energy consumption, the lubricant also has an advantageous carbon footprint.