Ellwood Group Inc. (EGI) completed the acquisition of the assets of Leistritz Advanced Turbine Components (LATC) of Rural Hall, N.C. The assets were acquired by a newly formed subsidiary called Ellwood Advanced Components LLC (EAC). LATC, which employs about 170 people, produces closed-die forged turbine blades for steam and industrial gas turbines. The principal assets include three screw presses (8,000-ton, 12,000-ton and 16,000-ton) and a 50-meter-ton counterblow forging hammer. In addition, LATC has state-of-the-art blade finish machining capability. This acquisition adds screw presses to EGI’s arsenal of closed-die forging equipment and increases its hammer forging capacity. EAC plans to invest in additional forge-heating and heat-treatment equipment.