Sheffield Forgemasters has secured its largest order for hydropower castings to be used on India’s Karcham Wangtoo Hydroelectric Project. Forgemasters has landed a contract from Germany company VA TECH Escher Wyss to supply giant components for the turbines that will generate the power. The Karcham Wangtoo project uses Francis water turbines, which is one of the most effective turbines in use for hydropowered electricity generation, capable of working at more than 90% efficiency. Forgemasters is making six crowns – 24-foot-diameter cones that concentrate the water onto the blades, which turn the turbine shaft to generate electricity – and the drum-like bands to which the blades are fixed.

The crowns and bands are all being made from 13/4 stainless steel, which is a grade used to make steel castings that need to resist high pressures. This could lead to orders for an additional two sets by 2011.