Water-Based Forging Lubricant

CONDAFORGE 607 is a “new” water-based lubricant. It was developed for the warm and hot forging of ferrous metals or for the forging of titanium alloys. This specific formulation combines ultra-fine graphite with an optimized binder system, allowing exceptional adhesion of the graphitic film on high-temperature dies. With this tenacious lubricating film allowing higher deformation (such as long extruded parts), complicated parts can be produced. The product also improves part fill and leaves no residue on tools, increasing die life. The high level of lubricating solids contained in CONDAFORGE 607 allows low concentrations (2-20%) and generates substantial savings in lubricant consumption. The lubricant can be easily diluted in water and does not generate fumes or flames. As a water-based product, there are no fire hazards. CONDAFORGE 607 is odorless, as it does not contain ammonia.