Band Saw

The Versatix MP was developed specifically for cutting structural steels, sections, tubes and small solids. It has a bi-metal blade and a patent-pending tooth design that copes with the shock loading conditions associated with intermittent cutting. This blade is also ideal for manual “pull down” band-saw machines where there is inevitable variation in the feed rate.

The Advanz FS and Advanz TS carbide-tipped blades have a triple-chip carbide tooth selected for its toughness, shock and wear resistance. They are manufactured with improved tooth blasting to help with break-in and increase blade life. In addition, pitch selection has been revised to better align with today’s application requirements. The Advanz FS replaces the previous carbide-tipped Type I blade. Replacing the carbide-tipped Type III blade, the Advanz TS blade was developed specifically for cutting high-alloy metals and difficult-to-machine steels.