Machine Safety Sensors Brochure

Elobau Sensor Technology Inc., Lake Bluff, Ill., offers its newest machine-guarding products brochure. Included in the pamphlet are several non-contact sensors and control units for industrial machine safety. This 12-page brochure is available in hard copy or may be downloaded from the company’s website. Included among the new products are a control unit for small machines with two separated safety circuits for a sensor and an emergency stop; a control unit with two safety outputs and two sensor inputs; a non-contact sensor system with integrated safety output, control output and status LED; and coded magnet sensors with N/O and N/C contacts plus an additional N/O circuit for use as a control contact in three different housing configurations, all featuring wide operating distance and misalignment values. Of particular note is the compliance of all these products to the new international standards for machine safety. A helpful chart is included to assist with standards evaluation. The brochure features photos of the new products as well as schematic diagrams and performance data.