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A Behind the Scenes Look at Why Blacksmiths Are Currently Trending 


Most of today’s blacksmiths are drawn to the art of the trade versus its utility, and the uniqueness of the goods produced is what attracts buyers. It seems almost weekly, we run across another interesting blacksmithing story  - from forging wedding rings, to a new blacksmith metal arts school, to the ever-popular hit reality TV show, blacksmiths are continuing to trend in the news.

Join FORGE, the leader of news and information in the global forging industry, as we talk more about the phenomenon and present a sampling of blacksmithing stories showing up in our news.




FORGE provides news and information on the global forging industry. We focus on forging industry news, the forging process, forging products and the business and technology of forging. We also cover:

  • forging aluminum alloys
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