Cummins is investing more than $1 billion across its U.S. engine manufacturing network in Indiana, North Carolina and New York. The investment will provide upgrades to those facilities to support the industry’s first fuel-agnostic engine platforms that will run on low-carbon fuels, including natural gas, diesel and eventually hydrogen. Over half of all medium- and heavy-duty trucks on the road in the U.S. today use Cummins engines. This investment is intended to retain the thousands of current engineering and manufacturing jobs and support the creation of hundreds of new jobs across the company’s New York, North Carolina and Indiana footprint.

Cummins plans to invest $452 million in its Jamestown Engine Plant (JEP) to upgrade the 998,000-square-foot facility in Western New York to produce the industry’s first fuel-agnostic internal combustion engine platform that leverages a range of lower-carbon fuel types. Cummins’ customers, including Walmart, Werner, Matheson and National Ready Mix, are beginning to test the very first engines of the fuel-agnostic platform, the X15N.

Information on additional investment in Indiana and North Carolina will be made public later.