Perryman Company, a titanium producer based in Houston, Pa., placed an order with SMS group for the supply of two forging machines. The order includes a 40/45 MN high-speed open-die forging press in the pull-down design and an SMX 500/15 MN hydraulic radial forging machine with two forging manipulators. Perryman also ordered a production control system for the entire forging line. The open-die forging press will be used to forge cast titanium billets to the required size so that, in the next step, they can be finish-forged in the radial forging machine to produce bars (round, square or flat) up to a maximum length of 550 inches (14,000 mm).

By making this investment, Perryman is able to expand its production processes and extend its forged product portfolio. The forging line is scheduled to go on stream in the first quarter of 2024.

“We supply customers in a wide range of industries. We see strong growth in the aerospace industry and medical sector in particular. With this new forging line, we are ideally equipped to meet the growing demand. This enables us to produce forgings for turbines and safety-relevant structures that comply with our high quality standards,” said Frank Perryman, president and CEO of Perryman Company.