Do you wonder which articles get the most attention on our website? Every year we publish around 25 feature articles, and at the end of the year we gather statistics to see which ones get the most page views. So, without further ado, here are the five most-viewed articles in 2021 on based on page views. This ranking applies only to articles published in 2021.

5. Ovako's Vacuum Degassing Process Improves Forging-Steel Grades

Ovako Steel’s 2018 investment in a vacuum tank degassing (VTD) facility is a critical development for the Smedjebacken mill. Removal of hydrogen by a state-of-the-art vacuum process now enables Ovako to address the needs of forgers that require high-performance, reliable and cost-effective steel for demanding applications such as those in the automotive industry.

Ovako Steel’s Adam Hylén wrote this feature, which was published in April.


4. Viral Marketing during COVID-19

In today’s rapidly changing environment, finding the right marketing message and taking the correct actions can be challenging. As a result of the pandemic, the world looks much different than it did at the beginning of 2020. Manufacturers are trying to mitigate COVID-19’s economic fallout, ensure employee and workplace safety and keep supply chains moving.

This article, provided by Tom Lefaivre of Anchor Harvey, appeared in our April issue.


3. Forging the Future of Transportation

As the domestic automobile and light-truck markets gradually trend toward various electric vehicle (EV) designs, forgers are faced with both challenge and opportunity. This article shows how the opportunities presented by the EV industry are being met by Anchor Harvey through the launch of its Electric Vehicle Workgroup. 

This feature, written by Anchor Harvey’s Kerry Kubatzke, was published in August.


2. Abnormal Burr Formation in Cold Forging

Cold forging is a proven and efficient serial production method for bolt manufacturing. Despite the many advantages of cold forging, the method requires high forging forces due to the low material formability. This leads to the generation of high contact pressures between workpieces and dies. This operational challenge may lead to serious problems in the effectiveness of the final product.

Writer Cenk Kılıçaslan is with Norm Fasteners of Turkey. This article appeared in our June issue.


1. Nucor Steel’s SBQ Program

Nucor Steel has an extensive special bar quality (SBQ) steel program that dates back to the conversion of its plants in South Carolina, Tennessee and Nebraska to handle the product decades ago. In 2002, the company purchased an idled plant in Tennessee that was dedicated to SBQ production. Since then, Nucor has allocated staff and investment assets toward the continued development of its SBQ product lines.

The runaway most popular article of 2021, this Nucor-provided was published in February.