Kobold released the latest version of its electronic digital pressure gauge: model MAN-SC for battery powered and model MAN-LC for 24Vdc power with IO-link. The alphanumeric 14-segment reflective LC–display screen has a full five-digit display and digit height of 0.63 inch. The electronic screen mod-ule can be rotated in 90-degree increments, making it ideal for side-mounted or inverted installations. The gauge head position can be radially adjusted after installation for perfect positioning. The gauge can be set for a range of measuring units, including kPa, MPa, bar, mbar, psi, kN, N, Torr, inWC, mmWC, inHg and USR (user-defined measuring unit). Battery life with 9V lithium increased to 22,500 hours (2.5 years). A rubber protective case cover is available as an option, and measuring ranges are now available from -14.5 to 23,200 PSI.