With very fast processes, in some cases with very short cycle times, requirements for devices used in temperature measurement are especially onerous. CTlaser 4M is designed specifically for these ap-plications. In addition to an ultra-rapid capture time of just 90 µs, the high-speed pyrometer provides an optical resolution of 33:1 and various focus options. An integrated double laser target allows straightforward alignment onto the object over larger measuring distances. CTlaser 4M measures within the spectral range of 2.2 µm to 6.0 µm, making it ideal for temperature measurements in the range of 0-500°C on metals, metal oxides, ceramics or for materials with an unknown or changing emissivity. The measurement head can be used at an ambient temperature of up to 70°C, and a cooled housing is available for temperatures up to 175°C. The remote electronics unit is connected to the sensor head via a cable up to 15 meters long. The integrated interface allows CTlaser 4M to be connected directly to a PC, where all settings can be fine-tuned in the CompactPlus Connect software.