Hirschvogel Automotive Components (Pinghu) Co. Ltd., a manufacturer of automotive parts and components in China, contracted Germany’s SMS group to supply a fully automated closed-die forging press. The press will forge aluminum chassis components with high dimensional accuracy at a short cycle time at the company’s Pinghu location near Shanghai. The new line will have a force of 3,150 tons, and it will be the third unit from SMS at this site. Commissioning is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022.

The closed-die forging press will be equipped with a fully automated walking-beam system with servo drive for each axis to ensure a perfectly harmonized and smooth sequence of movements. Integrated sensors will permanently monitor the ram position to ensure trouble-free operation. An electro-hydraulic combined clutch and brake unit will be installed for precise switching actions. Press parameters will be monitored by an integrated process control system.

This investment allows Hirschvogel to follow the market development toward lightweight electric vehicles.