This is a complete list of all the feature articles that appeared in FORGE, by month, in 2020. All articles are hyperlinked for your convenience.



How Hatebur Solved a Shearing Production Problem

Increase Die Life with Lubes and Coatings

Optimized Cooling Rates of Microalloyed Steels (Part II)

Proper Use of IR Temperature Sensors (Part II)



Make Your Own Bush Knife (Part 1)

OEM or Rebuilder: A Key Choice When Repairing/Rebuilding Forging Equipment

Park Ohio’s Roots Go Back 100 Years



Augmented Reality and Forging Furnaces

Emerging Technology for Manufacturing Rail Axles

Make Your Own Bush Knife (Part 2)

Scotland Eyes the Global Forging Supply Chain



Anchor Harvey is AS9100-Certified, Manages COVID-19

Forging a Post-Crisis Rebound Strategy

FutureForge in Scotland: Black Arts, Green Buttons and Black Boxes

Metal Additive Manufacturing without Melting



Fever Screening and Forging Quality

Forging with Hybrid Steel

FutureForge in Scotland: The Goldilocks Effect



Automated Bin-Picking Basics: Some Mistakes to Avoid

Employee Retention: How to Train, Retain and Prosper at Minimal Cost

Making the Best of COVID-19

Partnership Improves Steel Crankshaft Productivity