Schuler will deliver a 16,000-ton forging line, which includes a Farina forging press, to thyssenkrupp Gerlach. Internal assembly for the 16,000-ton line – one of the largest mechanical machines in the world, according to Schuler – has been completed at Farina’s facility in Suello, Italy. After the test run, the components (with a total weight of 1,700 tons) will make their way to thyssenkrupp Gerlach’s forging plant in Homburg, Germany. Production is expected to start in 2022.

The Farina GLF series of presses cover forces from 750 to 16,000 tons and feature a direct drive concept without connecting rods. The design engineers at Schuler and Farina succeeded in reducing the machine height compared to conventional presses. One result of the optimization for hot forging is a high deformation reduction and a significantly reduced flash thickness on forged parts. 

Farina supplied a 4,000-ton forging press to thyssenkrupp in 2008. Schuler acquired the Italian press manufacturer based in Suello in 2018.