Dragon Steel Corp. Ltd., a subsidiary of China Steel Corp. located in Taichung, Taiwan, granted SMS Concast, a company of SMS group, the final acceptance certificate (FAC) for the modernization of its six-strand billet caster. The objective of the revamp was to improve the billet quality for applications including fasteners, welding rod, mechanical components and others. The project, which consisted of an automation upgrade and the introduction of dynamic secondary air-mist cooling (COOL-DSC) as the main modernization measures, has achieved a distinct improvement in product quality in terms of internal structure and surface cracking. 

SMS Concast originally built the 9-meter-radius six-strand billet caster in 2000. It produces 145-mm square billets at an annual production of 600,000 tons, depending on the market situation. The steel grades include cold-heading, low-alloy, free-cutting, hot-forging and welding-rod steel.