A fire set by an arsonist severely damaged the production halls at Mühlhoff Umformtechnik’s plant in Uedem, Germany, at the border with the Netherlands. Among the damaged components were four large presses. Six months after the fire, the company, which manufactures complex components for the automotive industry, is ready to restart some of its production with the help of Schuler Service. Schuler has already repaired two of the four damaged presses, and a new 2,000-ton press with ServoDirect technology from the TSD series is scheduled to go into operation in early 2021.

The decision was made to first repair the 800- and 1,300-ton presses that were only a few years old. Schuler’s specialists had to replace the entire electrical and control systems and remove and clean several mechanical parts of soot and water contamination. Additionally, Mühlhoff sent some of its dies to Schuler’s site in Erfurt so that parts production can continue there on a 1,600-ton press.