France’s Transvalor, a manufacturing process-modeling software developer, joined the University of Strathclyde’s (Scotland) Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) as a tier-one partner. The first partner to join the AFRC in support of its soon-to-be-opened FutureForge facility, Transvalor will provide process simulation expertise and deep insight into material behavior resulting from manufacturing processes. The FutureForge facility will help manufacturing companies of all sizes become more competitive by exploring less energy-intensive methods of forging. It will also use digital technologies to accelerate the development of forged products.

FutureForge will provide a unique physical environment for some of the most challenging aspects of hot forging. It will include a 2,000-ton hydraulic press with open-die, closed-die and isothermal capability. Transvalor will provide access to its software, DIGIMU and FORGE, for microstructural modeling within the closed-die forging process. FORGE is a software solution for the simulation of hot- and cold-forming processes, used to help companies produce forged parts for a variety of industrial sectors, while DIGIMU simulates microstructure changes during metal-forming processes.