SMS Concast will supply two eight-strand billet casters for Yongfeng Lingang’s newly built basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steelmaking plant in Linyi City, China. The two casters will have a combined production capacity of approximately 2.6 million tons per year of steel bars. Both casters will have a radius of 10.25 meters (33.6 feet). While the first caster will produce on eight strands right from the beginning, the second one will initially be equipped with seven strands but prepared for the addition of an eighth strand in the future. Both machines will cast billets of 165 mm (6.5 inches) square.

Starting with a range of low-carbon and cold-heading steels, it will expand the production range to also include special-bar-quality (SBQ) grades, such as spring and bearing steels, in the future. A temperature measuring and tracking system will optimize the billet temperature, which will enable direct automatic hot charging of the billets into the rolling mill.