SMS group put a 31.5/34-MN open-die forging press into operation at Gustav Grimm Edelstahlwerk (GGE), a forge based in Remscheid, Germany. GGE specializes in the manufacture of high-alloy forgings. Because of the built-in hydraulic and control systems, GGE’s new high-speed forging press achieves time savings of about 10% compared to the old press. For the first time, SMS group has installed an additively manufactured machine component in an open-die forging press. The 3D-printed hydraulic manifold block is lighter, more compact and has a flow-optimized design. Designed by SMS group and made of an aluminum alloy, it weighs just one-tenth of the conventional steel component. The manifold block is used to distribute hydraulic oil for operating and venting the cylinders.

The high-speed open-die forging press is equipped with a data monitoring system. All target and actual parameters are captured during the forging process. In the event of a fault, SMS specialists can analyze the machine condition and operating data and immediately perform a remote fault diagnosis. The data monitoring system can also be used for process optimization and quality assurance.

“With our new open-die forging press we can manufacture customized forgings of highest dimensional accuracy and expand our product mix,” said Götz Grimm, CEO of Gustav Grimm.