and SMS group announced a partnership to further optimize the world’s first learning steel mill for Arkansas-based Big River Steel. The joint solution was created by implementing’s learning algorithms into SMS group’s X-Pact MES 4.0. was able to leverage the existing integration of SMS group’s X-Pact MES 4.0 in the steel mill‘s IT environment and in their SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. The new end solutions digitize applications throughout every stage of the steelmaking process, from the liquid phase all the way to strip finishing.’s software and Enterprise AI data platform analyzes historical and current high-frequency data from the 50,000 sensors attached to SMS group’s equipment. is able to use the mill's data, plus these sensors and external data to sense, predict and recommend corrections that maximize production yields, enhance product quality, mitigate safety risks and minimize costs. For example, these insights can help minimize transition losses regarding steel grade, strip width or strip thickness. They can also predict how much energy is being consumed by the mill each hour.