I would like to say first, to our readers, advertisers, contributors and partners, THANK YOU! As the new group publisher for the Thermal Processing Group at BNP Media, I’m looking forward to continuing to build on our longstanding brands.

Since 1926, BNP (Business News Publishing) has been the leader in providing business-to-business relevant content and timely news. Our mission has not changed since the beginning: BNP Media is here to help people succeed in business by giving them superior information. Providing our readers with the latest trends and technologies is important to us. Our editorial team has been at the forefront of all things thermal processing, and we will continue this trend.

To our readers, FORGE will continue to deliver the blend of practical how-to articles along with case histories and industry and product news – in the formats that matter to you most. Read FORGE via the print magazine, our digital-edition format or on our website. In addition, we will continue to deliver unique digital products such as informative live webinars, enewsletters, videos and podcasts.

Look for compelling, relevant content presented in new and interesting ways.

To our advertising customers, our goal is to provide the most current print and digital solutions to help you reach new markets and customers. This is at the top of our list here at BNP. Every day our landscape changes, and you can count on us to be at the front line as your partner and adviser assisting you with your marketing goals.

We will help you reach your goals, lift your brand and drive more business for your company through the most innovative means available. Whether it’s branding, content marketing, MQLs or SQLs, you can count on our channels to deliver results for you.

For those who currently advertise, THANK YOU! For those who are thinking about it, please reach out to us so we can help advise you on how to grow your business through BNP Media.