This is a complete list of all the feature articles – by month – that appeared in FORGE in 2018. The page number the article appeared on is included. All articles are hyperlinked for your convenience.



The Cost of Quality: Above and Below the Surface, page 16

Metal-Forming Innovations at Siempelkamp, page 22

Hybrid Heating: Induction + Gas Furnace vs. Gas Furnace + Induction, page 26

Furnace and Regenerative Combustion Design in Open-Die Forging, page 30



Gaining Competitive Advantage in 2018 and Beyond, page 16

New Designs in Ring Rolling, page 22

Simulation as a Sales Tool in Forging: When is it Worth it?, page 28

Residual Stresses: Friend or Foe?, page 32



Resource Management via MES/ERP Systems Integration, page 20

Helping U.K. Forging Through Technology Transfer, page 23

Micro Cold Forging Helps Extend Die Life, page 28

Traceability and Laser Marking of Aluminum Forgings, page 31



The Evolution of Clean Steels, page 20

Resource Management via MES/ERP Systems Integration (Part 2), page 24

Improving Bandsaw Efficiency and Blade Life, page 28

Developing Optimized and Robust Forging Processes, page 31



Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Capability for Steel Manufacturing, page 18

Metrology Update: Scanning vs. CMMs, page 26

Rethinking Your Shotblasting Process, page 32



Weber Metals’ New 60,000-Ton Hydraulic Press, page 16

HDPE Cooling Towers Take the Heat, Page 20

Designing Forgings with Digital Thermomechanical Analysis, page 26