FIERF is proud to announce its new website,, which is meant to be a resource to connect students, parents and educators to the forging supply chain with information tailored to their interests and needs. It is designed to increase awareness of the forging process and promote interest in forging as a career.

Students and parents have easy access to learn more about manufacturing in general and the forging supply chain in particular. Process videos show the forging manufacturing cycle from raw material production through final part assembly and the advantages of designing with forgings. Additional videos provide insights into career paths in the industry and students talking about their experiences in the forging supply chain.

Direct links are provided to the Charles W. Finkl and Forging Industry Women’s Scholarship applications, which are awarded by the Foundation to financially support students interested in careers in the forging supply chain. On the Forging Industry Career Center students can post their resumes and search and apply for internships or full-time positions at no cost. The career center also offers coaching, resume writing and reference checking assistance. Graphics and videos highlight the importance of manufacturing and women in manufacturing, as well as a deeper dive into forging markets, equipment and materials to encourage students to see themselves in the forging industry.

Educators can download the popular “What is Forging?” presentation, which can be tailored for use in middle- and high-school classrooms. The presentation describes forging processes in detail. Animations and videos show the forging process in action. It also highlights where forgings are found –
such as in aerospace, transportation, defense, energy and medical applications – and emphasizes the strength, toughness and fatigue resistance of forged parts. Educators can download a “Forge Your Future” poster to display in their classroom from the website. Information on FIERF grants, scholarships and career information is included for educators to share with their students. Additionally, there is information about local ASM Materials Camps for Teachers so educators can learn more about teaching materials in the classroom.

The industry section of the website provides tips and best practices for employers’ future workforce development efforts and helps them to be seen as an employer of choice in the community. Resources include information on best practices for engaging university students to become future employees, organizing a successful internship program and hosting Manufacturing Day events to increase the awareness and interest of students who will be next-generation employees.

Through the industry portal of the website, users have access to the FIERF technical library of Foundation and collaborative partner research and reports. Organized by topic, the library contains research results and reports the Foundation has funded on industry’s behalf.  

Each page of the site offers the opportunity to support the work of the Foundation with a Donate! button, where contributions can be made quickly and securely from the website via PayPal or credit card. When clicking on Donate!, donors are asked to designate how they wish their donation to be used by selecting between “Where Most Needed,” “Technical Initiatives,” “Finkl Scholarship” or “Forging Industry Women’s Scholarship.”

Check out the new website’s features at, and don’t forget to click on the Donate! button to support the workforce development and technical initiatives of the Forging Foundation today. Your feedback and comments on the website are welcomed at