The Ellwood Closed Die Group (ECDG) is launching a new product line for Seakeeper. The line includes finish-machined flywheels that are assembled into gyro stabilizers, which, according to Seakeeper, cut down “95% of all boat roll, the rocking motion that causes sea sickness, anxiety and fatigue.” Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota (ETFN) will use the entire Ellwood Group supply chain to manufacture the flywheels from start to finish.

Raw material melted at Ellwood Quality Steel and procured from Ellwood City Forge will be heated and forged by ETFN to produce the near-net-shaped forgings. After heat treatment and processing, the forging is then rough-machined, nondestructively tested for part quality and finish-machined to extremely tight tolerances. The Seakeeper product line is in keeping with ECDG’s efforts to provide turnkey solutions to customers. 

ETFN is one of two closed-die forging companies owned by the Ellwood Group Inc., which is based in Ellwood City, Pa. At the center of ECDG’s forging capabilities are a 16,000-ton screw press, a computer-controlled 80-meter-ton counter-blow hammer and a computer-controlled 11,000-ton multi-ram hydraulic press.