SMS group has been contracted by NLMK Group to supply a thick slab caster for the company’s steel mill no. 2 in Lipetsk, Russia. The equipment will replace a two-strand caster, which was supplied by SMS in 1976. The continuous caster will be completely rebuilt from the ladle turret to the exit section. It will be designed as a bow-type caster and offer a range of benefits, particularly for the casting of slabs made from crack-sensitive steel grades over 12 inches (300 mm) thick.

The width range produced on the continuous caster is to be extended from a previous maximum of 86.5 inches (2,200 mm) to 110 inches (2,800 mm) and the thickness range from 14 inches (355 mm) to 15.5 inches (400 mm). The plant will be designed for an annual production capacity of 2 million tons.

SMS group’s scope of supply includes the basic and detail engineering and the mechanical and electrical systems for the continuous caster. The supervision of the erection and commissioning is also part of the contract. The first cast is scheduled for December 2019.