Cooper & Turner (C&T), the U.K.'s largest producer of hot- and cold-forged bolts, was acquired by Watermill Group (WG) of Lexington, Mass., a private investment firm. This acquisition is the result of WG's acquisition of Andaray (Holdings) Limited and its direct and indirect subsidiaries, which includes C&T, a global manufacturer and distributor of high-strength, large-diameter industrial fastener systems used in wind-energy, construction, rail and other applications. Headquartered in Sheffield, England, C&T serves a global customer base with manufacturing and distribution operations across the European Union, China and the U.S.

“C&T’s reputation and track record are virtually unmatched,” said Julia Karol, president and COO of Watermill Group. “We are impressed with the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and safety, its high customer-service levels, as well as its global manufacturing and distribution footprint. Combining Watermill’s strategy-driven approach with Cooper & Turner’s highly experienced management team, the company has an exciting opportunity to become the world’s first, truly global mission-critical fastener supplier.”