Automotive supplier Chongqing Lianhao Technology of China ordered four mechanical forging lines from Schuler. The multi-station mechanical presses have a press force ranging from 8,000 to 20,000 kilonewtons. The presses will be suitable for the mass production of drive and chassis components in a variety of sizes – from bevel gears to transmission shafts. The link drive system of the MML2 developed by Schuler can be adapted to the respective component requirements during the design of the press and is suitable for both cold and warm forging. Manufacturing and assembly will take place at the Göppingen and Erfurt sites in Germany. Delivery of the four forging lines is planned for the first half of 2018.

In other news, Darkhan Metallurgical Plant (DMP) in Mongolia, a landlocked country in Central Asia, installed two automated Schuler forging lines featuring short-stroke die forging hammers for the manufacture of steel balls with diameters of 100-140 mm (3.9-5.5 inches). As a system supplier, Schuler provided the whole line, including the dies and lubrication. In the first step of the production process, round steel bars are cut into pieces by a circular saw and heated by induction. Next, a robot arm takes the parts from the conveyor belt and inserts them into the Schuler hammer. The forged steel balls are then removed from a discharge chute integrated into the die area. After quenching and hardening, as well as the subsequent tempering process and quality control, the grinding balls are ready for use.