Metal Technology (MTI) achieved production-readiness on a new, state-of-the-art forging line at its manufacturing facility in Albany, Ore. MTI’s new forging capabilities, combined with its precision machine shop, further strengthens its competitive position by allowing it to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions for customers. MTI CEO Gary Cosmer said, "We are now able to forge components to near net shape with superior grain structure, saving time and material due to our controlled forging process. We can then machine those components in house to final geometry and back it up with AS9100-level inspection using the most sophisticated precision measuring equipment in the industry to assure the highest quality standards."

MTI is now able to tune its process by adjusting heat, tonnage, speed and travel, allowing it to create a recipe that will yield the ideal microstructure for each application.

“Our entire team is fully committed to being the best in the world at forging molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, copper, and other reactive and specialty metals,” said Pat Coffey, MTI's VP-Operations. “By coupling our computer-controlled (CNC) 1,200-ton hydraulic press with our new multi-station digital rotary-hearth furnace, we are able to achieve some of the highest quality and repeatability levels in the industry.”