Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corp., announced plans to invest $386 million in its Columbus, Ga., facility to increase the production of parts and maintenance services and to reduce costs for new and existing engine programs. The investments will go toward the purchase of automated machinery and equipment upgrades as well as construction of two new buildings on the site. Construction will include a 20,000-square-foot specialized manufacturing facility and related infrastructure to house a new isothermal forge press that will be used to manufacture turbine disks and compressor rotors for Pratt & Whitney engines.

A 200,000-square-foot facility to overhaul GTF engines will also be built. Other upgrades to equipment and machinery are also planned.

“We're investing heavily in our Columbus facility to support the increased production and services planned for our F135 and GTF engines,” said Chris Calio, president of Pratt & Whitney Commercial Engines. “This investment will help ensure that we have the appropriate infrastructure, tooling and trained workforce in place to provide the best products and services to our customers worldwide.”