New alloy wires for the welding of metal-working forging dies, hammers and other metal-forming applications have been introduced. Products are now available for flood-welding complete die impressions and other hot-working dies (including extrusion mandrels and shear blades) and for repairing rams, sow blocks and die shanks. Using the correct forging-die welding alloy wire will reduce the inventory of die steels; significantly increase the performance and productivity of the forging dies; improve reliability and consistency; and provide a great deal of flexibility in die cavity design to respond to customer requirements. Alloys include hot-working and high-speed tool steels, as well as high-strength and low-alloy steels for welding hammer bases, sow blocks and rams. Sizes range from 0.045 inch (1.2 mm) up to 0.125 inch (3.2 mm).