With increasingly stringent CO2-emission standards in the U.S., OEMs and system suppliers are seeking lightweight solutions. Forging and forging steel technology can greatly contribute to lightweight design in passenger cars and light-duty vehicles (as reported in FORGE earlier this year). A project funded by FIERF and AISI in the U.S. has shown likewise for heavy-truck forgings. The Lightweight Forging Initiative now wants to take the next step. In the third multilateral industrial project the scope shall be broadened in three directions: the Lightweight Forging Initiative should go international by uniting North American, Japanese and European steelmaking and forging companies; the powertrain of the vehicle in the analysis should be a hybrid powertrain after analyzing diesel combustion powertrains in the first two phases; and the application of carburizing steels in transmission should be analyzed in more detail because carburizing steel is one of the multipliers for lightweight forged products.

North American, European and Japanese steelmaking and forging companies that wish to participate in this unique project should click here for more information or contact Info@massiverLEICHTBAU.de.