Ellwood Closed Die Group completed a new manufacturing complex at its Navasota facility. The plant includes a 16,000-ton screw press, 1,800-ton trim press, two-hammer rotary forge, gas-fired furnaces and robotic material-moving equipment. The computer-controlled 16,000-ton screw press, which is housed in a 38,000-square-foot building with two 50-ton overhead cranes, has the capability to vary the delivered energy from 5% to 100% based on the forging design parameters. The complex will be able to forge up to 15,000 pounds of steel per hour. Materials forged will include carbon, alloy, stainless, nickel and titanium. Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota is one of two closed-die forging companies owned by Ellwood Group Inc., which is based in Ellwood City, Pa.