Behringer Saws Inc.

Behringer Saws expanded its HBE Dynamic Series automatic horizontal bandsaw line with the introduction of the new HBE-663A, a heavy-duty, high-production, hydraulic horizontal bandsaw that provides accurate, versatile and economical cutting in all materials, including structural steels and high-tensile strength solids. The HBE Dynamic Series offers an array of features designed to improve performance and precision while maximizing user convenience and safety. It is ideal for a range of applications from production cutting steel service centers to metalworking job shops. The HBE-663A has a large cutting capacity of 26 inches for round stock and 28 x 26 inches for flat stock. It offers a single stroke feed length of 21.2 inches with an optional 118-inch (3-meter) feeding unit available. The saw’s large-diameter inclined cast iron band wheels decrease blade twist from wheel to guide, reducing bending fatigue in the saw blade. It also features induction-hardened contact surfaces on its band wheels and all vice jaws.