Forgia Rapida, a ring producer based in Bologna, Italy, placed an order with SMS group for a radial-axial ring-rolling machine. It is equipped with electro-hydraulic direct drives mounted on the roll shafts – an innovative drive solution for this type of application that can reportedly reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. When ready for production in September 2016, the machine will roll rings with diameters up to 3,000 mm (about 10 feet) and a maximum height of 480 mm (about 19 inches). The radial rolling force will be 1,000 kN and the axial force up to 800 kN.

The machine, RAW ecompact, will replace a smaller ring-rolling machine in operation at the Bologna works. It will produce rings for radial compressors, reciprocating piston compressors and gas turbines. Forgia Rapida manufacturer currently produces around 4,000 tons of forgings per years.

SMS group developed this new machine concept within a period of about eight months. RAW ecompact operates fully automatically based on CNC.