Recruiting is one of the most important things that any organization does. Although recruiting methods have rapidly evolved over time, the underlying strategies are still the same. It is often a challenge for employers to employ a recruitment method that can help them find good candidates at minimal effort and expense. Yet today’s hiring managers face strong pressure to do just that regardless of the economy.

The Forging Career Center has been connecting employers and job candidates since 2012. As a part of the Engineering and Science Career Network, the Forging Career Center gives you access to relevant and targeted audiences important to the forging-industry supply chain.    

In addition to meeting your recruitment needs for today, use the Forging Career Center as part of your long-term talent-recruitment strategy by taking advantage of free 180-day internship postings. FIERF Magnet School students and scholarship recipients are using the center to search for internships and full-time positions, and your posting will be seen by student members of engineering partner professional societies.

Consider a summer intern or co-op student as an investment. A student can complete projects that will bring value to your organization along with new and fresh approaches to problems while allowing you to identify high-caliber candidates for future openings.

A little planning and common sense go a long way toward a successful experience for both the organization and the student. The most common mistake is to wait too long to begin the process. Start now by considering the types of projects you’d like to complete, and reach out to the Forging Foundation, magnet schools and local colleges and universities to find the match that will work best for you.

Students are planning now, so don’t miss the opportunity to bring these bright young men and women into your organization. Make use of the Forging Career Center today. Employers can post jobs online, search for qualified candidates based on specific job criteria and create an online resume agent to e-mail qualified candidates daily.

Here are a few important points to know about the Forging Career Center:

  • FIA members receive discounts on postings.
  • Recent statistics show more than 15,000 searchable resumes are available online.
  • On average, jobs posted in the Career Center receive more than 1,800 views.

Contact Karen Lewis at 216-781-6260 or for more information on organizing a successful internship program or for contact information to reach out directly to FIERF magnet schools and universities.

“Through my internship I gained valuable experience in industry working with superalloys used to make the turbine blades in jet engines and learned about the processes involved in improving the process through which these parts are made. After graduation, I intend to continue to work in the industry and continue to improve the processes by which we produce metal alloys.”
– 2015 Forging Industry Women’s Scholarship Recipient