Sheffield Forgemasters increased its mechanical and metallurgical testing capabilities after passing a government-recognized accreditation. Sheffield Forgemasters RD26 Testing obtained the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certification after a full audit. The facility succeeded in gaining UKAS accreditation for corrosion testing, volume fraction/ferrite count testing and bend testing. This will supplement its previously accredited scope, which covers tensile testing, Charpy impact testing and hardness testing.

 As a result of this accreditation, Sheffield Forgemasters expects the testing of complex and high-integrity aspects associated with the nuclear power-generation industry to increase. RD26 Testing was established in 2008 to offer rapid turnaround and independent mechanical and metallurgical testing for the company in an effort to reduce its reliance on external testing resources. Projects conceptualized using advanced computer software for material and manufacturing are proven by prototyping extensive destructive testing and metallurgical evaluation within the test house.

 UKAS conducts annual audits at the site to ensure Sheffield Forgemasters still meets the necessary standards.