Behringer Saws Inc. of Morgantown, Pa., a manufacturer of bandsaws, circular saws and plate sawing solutions, recently shipped two semiautomatic bandsaws to Ellwood Specialty Steel (ESS). ESS, a steel producer for the tool, mold and die industry, took delivery of a Behringer HBP-800 and HBP-1500/1800 for cutting large forged steel parts at its Ellwood City, Pa., facility. Behringer installed the saws in March 2015. According to ESS, adding the saws to its production line significantly increased the company’s capacity to process large forgings.

 The HBP-800 features a rigid box-type machine base with dual columns and a solid cast bow frame. It has fully automated hydraulic blade tensioning and automatic saw frame height positioning, with a cutting capacity of up to 31.5 x 31.5 inches. The HBP-1500/1800 is a larger dual-column saw with auto feed control and ball screws for down-feed stability, with an ability to cut with bi-metal or carbide-tipped saw blades. It features a traversable saw frame with a cutting capacity up to 59.0 x 70.1 inches.